Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'm back and it's the first of June which is goth month. So, in order to celebrate I decided to pay homage to the queen of goth and one of my favorites of all time, Elvira. Yes that is the original Friday the 13th playing in the background from 1980. I'd forgotten that Kevin Bacon was in that one. Well enjoy and if you see me this month I'll be gothed out to celebrate the month.


Enjoy goth month and try to stay cool in the hot summer sun. Running around naked tends to help I've found. till next time......
Hello everyone, sorry for my absence but rl stepped up and slapped me in the face and dared me to get back up, which took longer than I thought. I won't bore you with the details but lately I've been helping my family out with their gardens, but sometimes you need to slip away for some me time.......  (photos shot on location at Emily's Bestiality Beach Farm)

Well it's back to work for me hope everyone enjoyed it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Teaser of things to cum

Gail had left her Texas home and family behind to move to the city for a career. Her boyfriend had made that easy for her. The sight of him with her best friend bent over the hay bail was still burning into her brain. She wasn't really thinking when she just threw on a loose t-shirt and daisy dukes and hit the door. Taking the subway she headed to a shadier part of town. It eased her mind when she noticed the guys checking her out and she teasingly slid open a few extra buttons. One guy in particular seemed to really notice. A bald muscular black guy was staring at her intently. She didn't notice when he slid out at the same stop she did. Gail headed out of the subway and headed down the street intent on finding something, just not sure what it was.

 Thinking more about what she was looking for instead of what was around her she walked right past the same guy from the subway. He was still checking her out intently watching her every move.

Oblivious to the fact that what she might be looking for was not what she had found she kept going. Never noticing the creeping danger as he stalked his prey.

It didn't take her long to realize what was going on though. as he grabbed a hold of her, pulling her towards a dark section of the garage she had entered. The city swallowed up her screams as she tried to get away but he was too strong. Holding her like a prize as his hand worked from her round breast to her pussy.

He continued to fondle her as his hands worked her clothes off. With a firm shove he forced her into the dumpster. He grabbed her pulling her close kissing her as one of his hands released his massive tool.

The man forced her to her knees, slapping her face with his engorged member, before sliding it in between her lips as she gasped for air. He took he by the hair and started to fuck those lovely lips of hers feeling his shaft growing wet with each thrust.
It didn't take him long to decide he wanted more of what this honey had to offer. He forcefully pulled her around sliding his cock into her wet pussy from behind. Despite her screams her pussy told a different story. It wanted this, soaking wet and devouring every inch of his manhood. He continued to fuck her hard from behind keeping a hold on her arms to make sure she didn't slip away. Tears had formed in her eyes, but not those of pain or fear, but of relieve. The memories of her boyfriend faded way with each thrust of that gorgeous black cock.

She was enjoying this man taking her in this way. Pressure building inside of her body as he slammed her around the dumpster, keeping that shaft working inside her. Stretching her pussy in ways no other had. Waves of pleasure shot down her spine, goose bumps forming across her arms, hot wet juices flowing down over his shaft, leaking down her inner thigh. Her screams changed from those of pleas for help to those of pure pleasure. The only begging she was doing was for him to keep ramming her with that wonderful cock. His thrust became more urgent as his balls tightened against his body. He let go of her arms letting her collapse to the floor as waves of cum shot out covering her ass.

His cock continued to twitch as he emptied his balls, cover the dumpster and her silky skin with his shots of  hot nectar. Slowly the two climbed out of the dumpster walking around the side as she slowly started to dress. Turning her head slightly she spoke softly, "Thanks Jak I really needed that. Same time next week hon," she purred to him.
He stepped forward giving her a kiss. "Sure babe, I'm looking forward to it."
I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Thank you Jak for your time and looking forward to more wonderful work with you. This was a spur of the moment deal that Jak and I came up with just a little teaser for what my studio will continue to bring you. Thanks Abby.
Shot on location at: Deep Throat Barbies and Dirty Girl Boulevard. Hugs and kisses to everyone out there.


A new face at A&K Studios

Hello everyone, we have a new face over here at A&K studios. She's a sassy little redhead who really enjoys herself and looking forward to working hard. It is my pleasure to introduce Soph to you. 

Soph shares a lot of goals with our studio for her porn career. She really enjoys the idea of putting herself out there for the pleasure of the masses. Considering that her fantasies involve Bukakke and an interracial orgy, I think she meant that quite literally.


With her curvaceous body, red hair, and beautiful eyes it's not just her attitude that will when you over. She is Bi sexual in nature so sure to please all that cross her path. I hope you enjoy these pics of her and you can visit my flickr for the full set.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Upcoming Projects and series

Hey everyone your crazed T-girl Abby here. I wanted to take some time to post upcoming projects that we will be working on and openings that we will have. Unless otherwise noted all series will start next month. Thank you and enjoy.

The Girls of Futanari: is  series devoted to bringing you those lovely T-girls and others of similar nature. In this series we will showcase lovely T-Girls, Femboys, Hermaphrodites in a variety of settings. Some will be artistic some my be naughty, but all will be as erotic as these wonderful people are. I will be featuring at least 1 a month and will take any who fit the showcase if they meet the parameters.

T-Girl Surprise: This will be a more sexual series involving T-girls based on the popular website. We will capture situations where men and women alike get to surprised by what they find. This series will be posted monthly and I will take actors who are interested. Scenes will be sexual content with a bit of humor and real world truth.

The Tales of Katy: This is  the first in a line of storyline adventures.
They will be featuring an erotic story written by me, and feature some photos highlighting parts of the story. I'll be making calls for models on an as needed basis. Studio call first then SL Porn.

So far these are the series that I have planned. I will ad some in the future if things go well. For modeling positions contact Abbygailshuto in second life for an application to the studio.

Also I hope to be into movie production at the beginning of next year with an ongoing series called T-girl Chronicles. An erotic series based on growing up and dealing with being transgender.

Studio Mission Statement

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. I've almost got things up and ready to go so wanted to take this time to put out a mission statement for my studio.

So just exactly what is A & K Studio all about and who are we. A & K stands for Abby and Katherine Productions. Katherine is my partner, long time RL friend and was also the model for the Harley Quinn in my flickr page. What we are hopping to accomplish is to show a softer, artistic side to those that are transgender (more on this later). We would also like to show how things relate to the condition in RL. Basically we want to help bring awareness and to help more people understand the condition, in an artistic and erotic way of course. Abby is a RL transgender (MTF) veteran of the first gulf war. She served her country honorably in the U.S. Navy and hopes to someday complete the transformation to be completely woman. Katherine her friend has been a very understanding friend and helped her through the hard times and kept her upbeat and wiling to go forward. We hope that you enjoy our work and strive to get better and bring you things that you will enjoy. If you have a request feel free to submit to Abbygailshuto Resident in secondlife and if it's something we feel we can do we'll do our best to get it done.

Now I would like to post some definitions here for those of you that might not be sure what some of the words we'll be using.

Drag: dressed as a girl
Drab: dressed as a boy
Shemale: A Porn derogatory word towards those that are transgender, basically calling a T-girl a shemale is the same as calling someone who is black the "N" word. I use it sometimes myself just because most people know the term and it's easier than having to explain at times.

Ladyboy or Femboy: refers to a man with feminine qualities and or nature. Not necessarily gay but they do come off as more female than male but do not wish to change their sex. Most are normally submissive but not always the case. Basically a woman with no breast and something dangling to be blunt.

Transgender or T-girl/boy: This refers to the group of people that where born one sex but their minds tend to relate more to the opposite gender. This can cause severe anxiety and depression. These people want to change there physical body to become the opposite sex so that their mind and body will feel correct. Sexuality can be highly diverse. Some prefer the sex that they are changing too while others prefer the sex that they are changing from. Also most will enjoy the company of others like themselves. It's always nice to have a lover that understands.

Hopefully these will help to clarify things and we will continue to elaborate on them as we go along. That's what we strive to accomplish here is to spread awareness in a fun, artistic and erotic way. Please stay tuned starting in Next month we will be kicking off several series for your enjoyment.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Girls Of Futanari: Episode 1 Laurahoarse

The Girls of Futanari: Episode 1 Featuring Laurahoarse

Hello everyone, I've had a few request for showing off secondlife's Futa girls. So I did a little searching and research and put together this little series. Here's a little background info for you brought to us by our friends over at 'Wikopedia':

Futanari: A Japanese word with the literal meaning of dual nature. In Japan it is uses to represent hermaphroditism but in pop culture is known as one having the female look with the male organ.

Umamusume: A Japanese word meaning Horse ears or Horse daughter

Given that information I went out and located little miss Laura. She was very eager to please and was excited at being featured for this shoot. Laura is a true futanari, the beautiful female figure combined with a bit of umamusme. Her cute cat ears combined with a horse's tail and other parts.

Without further hold up here is how the shoot went, enjoy.